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Accordion Sales, Service and Artistry

This portable device allows you to charge your Roland V accordion BP 45-24 battery without the use of the cumbersome FBC-7 Roland foot pedal module. This portable charger also tests your battery condition each time it charges. This compact unit is highly reliable and is one of the most superior chargers on the market today. Specially designed to charge your Roland V accordion Battery effectively and efficiently without any long term damage to your V-accordion battery. You can trust your Roland V-Accordion battery is in great hands with this great product!

Roland V Accordion FR7x Portable Battery Charger

We are your source for all things Accordion!  Over FIFTY YEARS in the accordion business we provide the most comprehensive accordion repair service in the United States.  We work with all types of accordions helping you to restore your instrument back to its original quality.  We also have a large inventory of accordions for sale and are proud to offer new accordions for sale from Petosa, Hohner and Roland.

Nick Ballarini, accordionist, pianist, and bandleader is one of the world's most versatile musicians. Nick plays for weddings, corporate events and jazz festivals as a pianist and bandleader, as well as playing his accordion at Irish, French, Italian and German themed events. His repertoire ranges from classical to pop to the many ethnic styles associated with the accordion. During Nick's career he has played with many prominent musicians such as Luciano Pavarotti, Mel Torme and The Chieftans. He has become a favorite of accordion clubs around the country. Nick is available to play solo or with a band.

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Do you need an Accordion? You can purchase a new or used accordion. Or do you need Accessories for your accordion such as shoulder straps, back pads, back straps, amplification systems, recorders? Purchase them here also! You can view our Services such as events and performances. You can find other accordion artists and associations in our Artists area. In our Resources section, we feature music - sheet, tapes, CD's, even downloadable selections - as well as various accordion artists, books, videos, and links. Contact us if you would like to book Nick or his orchestra at your next event.

Sample of Nick playing the accordion (mp3 @ 128kps):

Take Five
I've Got the World on a String
Rock N Roll Accordion Song
Missed the Saturday Dance
More Samples of Nick's Accordion Music
I Will Wait For You
That's Amore
It Had To Be You
Speak Softly Love
Soul Searchin'

Authorized Accordion Dealer for the following major Accordion manufacturers:

Petosa Accordions

We have a long standing relationship with Petosa Accordions and offer a wide selection of Petosa accordions, including a few pre-owned Petosa accordions as well as offering the exciting new accordions Petosa has just released.  Petosa is one of the finest manufacturers who have been in the business of making fine hand crafted accordions for over 140 years.  Just click to see their latest new accordions or browse through our inventory of pre-owned Petosa accordions.

Hohner Accordions

Check out our full inventory of Hohner Accordions - are you looking for a colorful button box?  Maybe you would like to learn how to play your grandfather's old accordion you found sitting in the attic!  We have a full line of Hohner accordions, new and pre-owned at the right price and right size for you.  Check out our latest diatonic, conjunto, tex mex accordions!

Roland V-Accordions

Are you interested in adding an exciting sound to your band, playing keyboards with the freedom to move around the stage and offer the outstanding sounds of one of the world's best electronic keyboards - Roland?  Lightweight, reedless and compact the V-Accordion fits any criteria whether you are a solo artist or a musician in a band.  Check out some of the great prices and options that can easily be yours with Roland!

GIULIETTI Accordions

We stock the full line including the Classic 127 and Custom Mini-Bayan.  Our Giulietti Accordions are made to the highest level of quality, unlike European production.
Check them out here:



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Nick Ballarini is pleased to announce the ACCORDIONS FOR KIDS program!

If you have a child that is interested in learning to play the accordion, you can't afford to ignore this new program that helps kids get accordions!



Roland Virtual Accordions:
Roland FR-18

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 The Giulietti Jazz Accordion!



Nick is an authorized dealer for ROLAND Accordions!

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Nick is now an Authorized Service Center for Roland V-Accordions


Accordion Pictures of the Month:


Nick at the NAA Convention